The Soft TC computer program is intended to analyze the technical cleanliness regarding:
  • Product quality assurance
  • Elimination of impacts from environment to reduce the risk of intrusion of the contamination by air as well as the risk of carryover of the contamination by objects (packaging, containers, transport means, etc.)
  • Training and education of the personnel, who are one of the most significant factors influencing the cleanliness of products
  • Organization of logistics that includes internal and external transport as well as ensuring the cleanliness of packaging
  • Selection of suitable production facility so that it is neither a source nor a carrier of contamination or taking measures to reduce the impact of the production facility on product cleanliness.
The Soft TC computer program serves for evaluation of the technical cleanliness as well as for evaluation of the impact of individual factors (assembly equipment, environment, personnel and logistics) on the technical cleanliness in the respective clean areas.

The Soft TC computer program allows you to review the impact of the respective factors on product cleanliness and take measures to reduce the impact of the relevant factors through an action plan.

The Soft TC computer program has application in production planning as well as in improving the technical cleanliness in existing production.